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Product Designer

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A mobile application for managing e-commerce inventory, sales, shops, and staff.

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1.1 Overview

Zoafia provides a user-friendly platform for shop and business owners to effectively manage their sales recording, inventory tracking, and product distribution across multiple shops. The platform also enables designated staff members to carry out authorized tasks, such as making sales, in accordance with their assigned permissions.

As the designer of this project, I collaborate with a sole developer to oversee the application's development.

1.2 Responsibilities & Business Goals

In my role as a lead product designer, I collaborated with my colleague to identify and prioritize essential features for various user groups which we classified into three(3); Owners, Managers, and Sales Representatives. Through a Design Thinking session, we worked together as a team to discuss the specifics and chart out crucial user pathways and functionalities through User Journey Mapping.

Our objective was to develop a mobile application that would enhance the website portal designed for shop owners to showcase their products. In addition to that, the mobile app provided a novel feature of assigning managerial and sales duties to newly onboarded staff within the same business.

2.1 User Persona

Zoafia is designed for individuals and businesses seeking to establish and manage their online stores without requiring extensive technical knowledge of website development or coding. The platform caters to a diverse user base that includes first-time entrepreneurs, as well as established businesses with more sophisticated e-commerce requirements.

2.2 User Flows and IA

To ensure that our mobile application design meets the diverse needs of our user base, we created a comprehensive user journey map that focuses on three primary user groups: Owners, Managers, and Sales People. This approach allowed us to identify specific requirements, preferences, and pain points for each user group and tailor our design accordingly...

— Owners are primarily concerned with managing inventory and monitoring sales performance, while Sales People focused on making sales and receiving commissions.

— Managers have a more diverse set of responsibilities, ranging from overseeing staff to managing inventory levels.

3.1 Style Guide

We utilised a UI style guide that improved the dependability of the Zoafia e-commerce application for shop and business owners, specifically pertaining to their needs for inventory and staff management.

4.1 Wireframing and Feedback

To simplify the entire application, we broke down all the user journeys into smaller, self-contained segments. To conceptualise and refine our ideas, we utilized wireframes and focused on essential functionality.

5.1 User Interface & Prototype

At Zoafia, we follow a mostly lean design approach, which allows us to swiftly begin developing interfaces while simultaneously making decisions about the product's direction and feature adjustments due to our lightweight design philosophy.

The design system used was made to enable speedy modifications to the designs in response to new observations and critical business changes.


Since its launch, Zoafia has undergone numerous updates and has been adopted by thousands of businesses. We are currently exploring the possibility of adding additional features to the mobile application.

7.1 Credits

Dennis Tamunotonye Dickson

Content Strategy, UX, UI,

Iyke Owoh


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