Role :

UX Designer and Developer

Details :

Blockchain Payment Solution

Year :


1.1 Overview

Dappy is a payment platform that functions as a fiat offramp, enabling speedy transactions across several blockchains using the Universal API platform with USDT and USDC.

As a member of a small team, I played a role in both UI design and development for the initial design. Additionally, I served as the design lead for subsequent updates.

2.1 Responsibilities

My role encompassed spearheading the design process, as well as constructing user interfaces and prototypes for the Dappy Web 3.0 application.

In addition, I oversaw the design process for integrating payment transfers between the Dappy application and other partner platforms and applications.

3.1 Problem Statement

Dappy was developed as a web-3 platform aimed at enabling cryptocurrency users to directly convert their stablecoins to fiat currency and send it to a designated account. It serves as a means to circumvent the constraints of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions among others.

When converting stablecoins to fiat currency through P2P transactions, there is a risk of dealing with fraudulent or unreliable counterparties, which can lead to financial losses. Converting stablecoins to fiat currency often involves transaction fees, which can be substantial and may reduce the overall value of the conversion.

4.1 User Flows

The goal was to ensure minimal transaction wait times and low conversion fees. Connecting web-3 wallets did not necessitate the provision of personal information from users, except for KYC data handled by a third-party platform.

This streamlined the process of connecting wallets, choosing a blockchain, and inputting transaction details, resulting in a quick and efficient experience.

4.1 UI Design and Implementation

TailwindCSS and React were the primary technologies employed in developing the front-end of the application.

5.1 Closing Thoughts

Dappy launched successfully with positive feedback. Integration with other application for stablecoins conversion on more blockchains is possible.

Updates to the design with respect to new features will be made over time as the need for new changes arises.

8.2 Credits

Dennis Tamunotonye Dickson

UX, UI, Front-end Development

Joshua Akinsuyi

Back-end Development

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